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Nicolas Zart Discusses A Defining Marque For China’s Auto Industry

Nicolas Zart Discusses A Defining Marque For China's Auto Industry

Nicolas Zart, who writes for Clean-Technica, told CGTN's Elaine Reyes that the United States has Ford, Germany has BMW, and the ROK has Hyundai as instantly recognized world-wide marques. China's quest for an internationally known car brand is still a work in progress.

AutoMobility LA EV Agenda Technology Panel - From Romance To Nudge-Dominance

AutoMobility LA EV Agenda Technology Panel - From Romance To Nudge-Dominance

When internal combustion engines were invented around the turn of the twentieth century, the lack of gas stations made cars suitable for a picnic but little else. While most drivers’ daily trips can be met by the electric vehicles currently on the road, there is a need for more EV charging infrastructure away from home to help accelerate adoption. What infrastructure solutions will help the EV market grow to ensure EV becomes a sensible choice instead of a principled one? While driving an EV is cheaper than the costs of fueling and maintaining an internal combustion engine car, when will the purchase costs be at parity? Learn from our expert panel how we can best influence governments, city planners, and vehicle makers to help realize our EV dreams.

Matt Petersen - President & CEO, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

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